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Post-Pandemic Job World

AUTHOR: Judy Fitzgerald, Site Administrator


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TAG LINE: PA CareerLink’s On-The-Job Training Program Helps Jobseekers Transition to New Careers and Expands Pool of Applicants for Employers

AGENCY: PA CareerLink® Centre County

Post-pandemic, jobseekers and employers alike are looking for innovative methods to solve their career and staffing issues. Fortunately, the federally funded On-the-Job Training (OJT) program can provide the perfect solution to these challenges.

Every jobseeker has skills that can be useful! The PA CareerLink® OJT program allows jobseekers to transfer their skills to meet the specific needs of an employer. Whether a jobseeker is laid off, making a career change, or is re-entering the labor force, OJTs provide a structured training plan that eases jobseekers into a new or better career.

Benefits to Job Seeker

· Permanent full-time work that allows you to earn while you learn.

· Job-specific training plan sets expectations for you and your employer.

· Direct training from experienced employees helps you meet employer’s requirements.

· You get your foot in the door with a local employer.

· Support from PA CareerLink® Workforce Specialists helps you navigate all aspects of your training plan.

From the employer’s perspective, OJTs close skill gaps between an applicant’s current skills and those required for open positions. Best of all, employers save on training costs when they are reimbursed 50% of a new employee’s wage during the training period.

Benefits to Business:

· Expands pool of potential employees based on transferable skills.

· Skills gap analysis by PA CareerLink® staff identifies specific jobseeker training needs.

· Training plan collaboratively developed with full support of PA CareerLink® staff outlines details regarding the in-house training a business will provide while also offering structure and setting expectations for the jobseeker.

· Minimal paperwork required from employer.

· 50% wage reimbursement throughout the agreed upon training period offsets cost of hiring new employee.

· Employer has final say in hiring decision.

“CareerLink’s On-the-Job Training program has proven to be a valuable tool for our company. We were able to hire two employees and give them the specific training that we deemed necessary. This saved us substantial time and money.”

Charlene Greenland, Envinity

“We were struggling to find qualified candidates. With OJT funding, we were able to hire and train less qualified individuals we would not have hired in the past. It’s a terrific program for employers who are having the same difficulties in hiring!”

Randy Pfirman, owner of Under Pressure Connections

For more information about On-The-Job Training, businesses should contact Jobseekers can email or call Ellen Struble,, 814-548-7587.

The OJT program is supported by Advance Central PA, who oversees workforce development services in the Central Region.

Mark Your Calendars for the PA CareerLink® Day of Action, August 12, 10AM-12noon, 240 Match Factory Place, Bellefonte, PA 16823. Readers are encouraged to stop in to talk to employers with open positions, learn more about skills training and explore PA CareerLink® services!


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