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Seed Grant

2019 Seed Grant Awardees

The Seed Grant Committee announces Centre Volunteers and Medicine and Centre County RSVP Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program are the 2019 Seed Grant Awardees

The Centre County RSVP VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) Program received $2,500 help to purchase needed laptops from which the volunteers prepare over 1,800 Income tax returns for lower-income individuals in five locations throughout Centre County. This free service allows taxpayers to save money to use for fuel, food and other needs.

Centre Volunteers in Medicine (CVIM) received $2,500  to assist in the purchase of iPads which will streamline the screening process for patients.  All new CVIM patients will be screened for mental health symptoms. Of those screened, they estimate that approximately 120 unique patients will be referred to behavioral health services during the first year of the project.  Currently, the process is done manually and slows response time to refer patients. The implementation of the iPADS will allow the integration of screened data with our electronic records thus increasing CVIM’s capacity to better serve patients with mental health needs. 


Robert Ott Seed Money Grants are intended to provide start-up funding for new programs or initiatives or for the expansion of existing programs. Funded projects must provide direct services to Centre County human services clients or provide a service that will benefit the community at large. Seed Money Grants are distributed annually.


The deadline for submitting applications is midnight, September 30, 2019. You will receive a confirmation email. The grant year is upon receipt at the November Annual Meeting through October 30 of the following year.

Available Funds

The Seed Grant will distribute $5000 for up to 2 awardees.   The Seed Grant Committee will review the applications and present their recommendation to the CCCHS Board of Directors.  The successful recipient(s) will be contacted by a committee member and the award(s) will be announced at the November Membership Meeting.

Eligible Applicants

All applicants must be individual or organizational members of the Council for Human Services or be sponsored by a Council member.  Sponsorship may be obtained by attaching a letter from a Council member, which states the member’s recognition of the applicant’s desire to receive Council seed money.  This statement should reflect the member’s knowledge of the applicant’s service programs in order to assist the selection committee in the selection process.

Requests may come from individual agencies, groups, or as a joint proposal from several agencies/groups—at least one of which must be a Council member.  Applicants who are not selected may re-apply next year.

Reporting Requirements

Recipients are required to submit a brief 6-month report by May 31, 2020, and a final report by October 30, 2020.  Seed Money Grants must be expended within one year of receipt unless an extension has been granted.  Should the recipient need an extension, contact the Seed Grant Committee Chairperson and a recommendation will be made to the Board by the Committee. Unused funds must be returned to the Centre County Council for Human Services.

How to Apply

Submit the following:

(Please answer each question completely.)

  • Cover Sheet

  • Narrative

  • Description of the program, activity, or initiative to be funded (preferably not expendable items).

  • Description of community need and how this need will be met by the program.

  • Estimation of the number of people to be served and proposed impact on the people served.

  • A projected time frame for start-up and completion of this program.

  • A projected budget for the proposed project (include an explanation regarding why funds are not presently available).

  • If the money you are requesting is only a portion of the funds needed for this project, describe how the remaining funds will be obtained.

  • Annual organization budget information. You do not need to include an audit.

  • Certification of not-for-profit status or tax-exempt number.

  • Sponsor letter of support, if applicable (see Eligible Applicants).

E-mail applications in PDF format to or mail applications to:

Natalie Depto-Vesey

Home Nursing Agency

20 Sheraton Drive

Altoona, PA 16602


If there are any questions, call Natalie at (814) 947-7027 or e-mail

Paper Instructions

Download these instructions here.

Past Awardees

2018 -Centre Chapter of the PA Prison Society -$3,000

2017-Nurse-Family Partnership Program of Centre County-$2,274.03

         -Jana Marie Foundation-$1,725.97

2016-Housing Transitions-$2,200

2015-Tides Program-$1,000

2014-State College Area Food Bank-$1,000 and Global Connections-$5,380 

2013 - Center Volunteers in Medicine-$3,616.4 and Moshannon Valley YMCA-$1,383.57

2012-Youth Service Bureau-$6,000

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