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40th Anniversary for Housing Transitions

Author: Amy Werner

Phone Number: 727.510.2566


1984 was a memorable year: Footloose hit theatres, Alex Trebek stepped behind the Jeopardy podium, MTV held its first Video Music Awards, the space shuttle Discovery had its maiden voyage AND a group of forward-thinking citizens joined together to launch the nonprofit organization Housing Transitions. 

2024 marks Housing Transitions 40th year of serving Centre County residents

who are experiencing housing instability. We help families stay together, feel safe and comforted in knowing they are supported by our team at Housing Transitions.

The mission of Housing Transitions is to assist families and individuals achieve a more independent lifestyle by providing a continuum of effective and well-managed housing related services. Every day we strive to END HOMELESSNESS in Centre County. While diligently working to help community members, we are proud to say that over our 40 years of service to the community we have assisted upwards of 6000 individuals. Many households live paycheck to paycheck and are one unexpected car repair or illness away from having their lives uprooted. This is when our staff jumps into action and makes a difference in the lives of these individuals and families.


Over the last 40 years we have helped our clients work toward a stable future by providing a continuum of ever- expanding services and programs. Three of our robust programs are listed below.


Our Centre House Emergency Shelter is a place to stay, as well as the beginning of a path to a better situation. At Centre House we provide shelter and food to individuals and families experiencing a housing crisis, and guidance towards a more stable housing future. The Centre House shelter is staffed 24/7 and there is no cost to our residents.

Our Rapid Rehousing Program provides timely assistance to reduce an individual’s

or family’s amount of time experiencing homelessness. Clients work hard to obtain a lease in their name with the assistance and advocacy of their Housing Transitions case manager. Our case managers partner with their clients to set and reach goals to ensure the clients have ongoing stability.

Our Nittany House Program provides Permanent Supportive Housing for individuals and families with a documented disability who have experienced chronic homelessness. In this situation, chronic means 12 months of homelessness in the last 3 years. Our clients who are eligible for this program continue to receive intensive case management services while living in unique locations throughout the State College area.


Housing Transitions is celebrating our 40th Anniversary throughout the year. To learn more about us, our programs and events or donate to help us END HOMELESSNESS please go to our website:


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