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Lemont Village Association

AUTHOR: Susan F. Smith (Sue)


AGENCY: Lemont Village Association


The Lemont Village Association has been a member of the Centre County Council for Human Services for many years. The LVA is not a “human services” agency by exact definition, but the LVA is dedicated to helping create a “community” in Lemont, so the organization "feels" like a human service. In these times of isolation from our neighbors, especially with covid restrictions, the LVA has a role to play in bringing people together and feeling safe in our neighborhoods. We can look out for each other.

The role of the Lemont Village Association in this community building is often achieved in our events. Our WorkDay/Spruce Up Day, outside work on Sunday, May 1, 2-5 pm, brings residents together to get our buildings and grounds cleaned up and the Plant Sale on May 7th brings neighbors and friends together to find Mothers' Day gifts and plants for their yards and gardens.

Our free Concerts bring people together on the Village Green from June 3rd to September 30th, from 7:30 pm to 9 pm Fridays, with 17 live bands and sometimes, a food truck. The concerts are held in our Band Pavilion, built with contributions by many people and businesses. There’s lots of room for social distancing and enjoying the music.

Our most famous event, the 40th Annual Strawberry Festival, may or may not be held Saturday, June 11, depending on CDC covid recommendations. Other activities will be planned using these guidelines.

We hope to have our German Christmas Market, December 2 &3 at the Granary & Coal Sheds, a lively weekend in winter. All of our events provide opportunities to volunteer and for neighbors to meet their neighbors. Friends can also learn about the history of our friendly community, and support the efforts of the LVA to preserve our historic buildings and maintain the Village Green. All Centre County residents are welcome!


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