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Could You Pack Your Life Into a Car?

AUTHOR: Tirzah Gibboney


PHONE: 814-237-4673

AGENCY: Bridge of Hope Centre County


Imagine packing everything you own into your car. Now imagine putting yourself and your kids in the car and sleeping there overnight. There are families in our community that will sleep in their car tonight.

What if, instead of merely imagining what it is like to sleep in your car, you actually decided to try it for yourself? I invite you to do just that on Friday March 24, 2023, during our second Night In A Car event, which will be hosted at Trinity Lutheran Church in State College. We are looking for participants to register as individuals or teams to raise awareness of and funds for Bridge of Hope Centre County and our program to end family homelessness.

During this 12-hour fundraising event, we are going to at least attempt to close our eyes, choosing to sleep in our cars for one night in order to open our eyes to the realities that many families have to face when they have nowhere else to go for the night. Night In A Car is a homelessness simulation that shines a spotlight on the hidden aspect of homelessness that many in our community experience – living in their cars. Participants will “live” out of their cars during the overnight hours. Register as a team or as an individual, and set your own fundraising goal.

Why get involved in this event?

Your participation helps those in need right here in Centre County. When you reach your fundraising goal, you and all of your supporters help to provide support towards monthly rent for single-mother-led families. This allows those families to gain stability and begin to initiate steps toward ending the cycle of family homelessness and poverty. You help provide for others the opportunity of a fresh start!

Check out what past participants had to say about the event:

“You don’t know what it’s really like until you experience it.”

“We do this so that nobody HAS to do what we are CHOOSING to do.”

“This really drives empathy for those who experience homelessness.”

Make an impact and challenge yourself, family, and friends today!

Go to to register and learn more.

Contact Bridge of Hope Centre County at 814-237-4673, or email to


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