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Volunteer Centre County: A New Community Resource

AUTHOR: Ann Echols, Executive Director, Volunteer Centre County


PHONE: 814-308-5052

AGENCY: Volunteer Centre County

Upgraded New Website Gives Volunteer Centre County a New Look!

Volunteer Center County has a new website! This is exciting and a long-time in the making, and we are so very happy to celebrate a more robust web portal capable of showcasing the needs of Centre County non-profits (AKA Community Partners). When local nonprofits join and become Community Partners, they can unlimitedly post all of their needs for donated goods, wish lists of items, and needs for volunteer services. As a free community service to effectively inform civically engaged residents about local charities’ needs for volunteer services and donated goods, Volunteer Centre County enhances community engagement by making it easier to give back.

If you haven’t heard of Volunteer Centre County yet, it may be because we are fairly new. Many cities across America have websites like the one offered by Volunteer Centre County. These community-based websites let people know where and how they can give back, increasing positive impacts in these specific communities.

But it is not just our county and Community Partners who benefit. Those who serve and give also benefit. Volunteering fosters networking and connections, is good for one’s mind and body, and can even advance your career. Nationwide, about 30% of Americans volunteer, with the majority serving about once a month, and 5% serving about 30 hours or more a month, according to an AmeriCorps’ December 2021 report. When volunteering, you not only connect to your community and make it a better place by positively affecting the lives of others, but you can also make new friends, expand your networks, and boost your social skills. Many people choose to volunteer as a way to socialize while having a task to perform. And when it comes to one’s personal health, volunteerism can improve mood, lessen stress, and decrease blood pressure (VolunteerHub, WebMD). Lastly, for those preparing a resume, 60% of hiring managers see the act of volunteerism as a valuable asset when making recruitment decisions (CareerBuilder). Anyone can go to to find ways to reap these benefits and give back to Centre County.

With your help, we can all build a stronger Centre County. YOU can make difference! Volunteer Centre County is thankful for all those who have donated to make this new website possible, including our Centre Gives donors. Thank you for your support.


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