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Mid-State Literacy Council Makes Community Resilient


AUTHORs: Amy Wilson, Executive Director, Bridget Schell, ESL Program Coordinator


 PHONE: 814-238-1809

AGENCY: Mid-State Literacy Council, Inc.



Mid-State Literacy Council Volunteers Strengthen Our Community

 Adult literacy students say that “Mid-State Literacy Council has never given up on me.” Currently, more than 350 community members and their families benefit from education provided by Mid-State Literacy Council (MSLC) thanks to our adult literacy supporters. Our community-wide program is only possible with the care and support of 200+ volunteers, local groups, and organizations. The ability to read, communicate, and understand is vital for students to gain employment, access healthcare, raise a family, and feel connected to community.


The Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC) defines literacy as, "Understanding, evaluating, using and engaging with written texts to participate in society, to achieve one’s goals, and to develop one’s knowledge and potential."  PIAAC identified that 13% of Centre County adults need adult literacy services.


At MSLC, our dream is that no one lacks literacy so everyone can access a life of safety, realized goals, and community participation. The practical need for adult literacy includes obtaining the knowledge and skills to gain credentials, such as the GED or High School Equivalency, a Commercial Driver’s License, or Certified Nursing Assistant. Individualized programming at MSLC focuses on improving technology skills, reading, math, writing, English, and health literacy. We provide digital literacy training via small workshops thanks to support from private donors. Skills and credentials lead to employment, new opportunities and a more resilient community.


Additionally, MSLC offers a warm welcome to adult English Language Learners. Through English classes tailored to different proficiency levels, students learn vital English language skills necessary for everyday interactions, employment, or academic opportunities. The one-to-one tutoring program provides personalized attention to build confidence and support specific goals. Staff and volunteers help newcomers navigate cultural nuances, understand local norms, and transition into local life. Additionally, the council connects immigrants to community resources (food, housing, healthcare, and legal services) to foster holistic well-being. With a steadfast commitment to community literacy, MSLC welcomes local immigrants, refugees, and visitors with open arms.


Volunteers at Mid-State Literacy Council receive ongoing training, coaching, and instructional materials to provide a successful experience for the students they teach. One volunteer says, “The best part [about teaching English] has been the community in our classroom this semester. We laugh a lot together, and the students have become so confident in a short amount of time.”


We invite you to upcoming events: Centre Gives on May 8-9 online, Plaza Mexican Bar and Grill, May 13th, 4pm-8pm, 10% of purchases will support Mid-State Literacy Council, and the 25th Anniversary Ron and Mary Maxwell Community Spelling Bee on September 25th, 6pm.

To connect with Mid-State Literacy Council, please call 814-238-1809 or email: Find more information at



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