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November 2023

All Good Things Must Come to An End I remember when I attended my first CCCHS Board Meeting at MidPenn Legal Services it felt a little daunting. I didn’t really know anyone else on the board and the large binder I inherited was threatening too. I was way too nervous to speak up those first few months and I felt like a ping-pong trying to follow everything everyone was volunteering to do on behalf of Council. Although I felt a little over my head at those first few meetings, I was awestruck by the amount of time and passion board members had for Council. I immediately figured out I was surrounded by a network of like-minded professionals who were also kind and welcoming. I’ve created lasting friendships with many people I have served with on the CCCHS Board of Directors over the last six years. So in December my term will be up and my time as President will end (thanks COVID for that extra year). I am excited about our new members and those who are completing their terms now. They have great new ideas and avenues for Council to explore and they are super tech-savvy! I am thankful for what we accomplished over the last six years and for the friendships I have made. I am confident the new board members will also feel surrounded by amazing like-minded people and be in awe of all the amazing things CCCHS does for our community. Please join us next Wednesday (November 1) for our Annual Meeting. We will welcome those new board members, share Council’s outlook for 2024 and celebrate our 2022 and 2023 Bob Ott Seed Grant Recipients. Lunch will be provided. I’ll see you at Calvary! Melissa Bottorf PA Link | Lead Link Coordinator Aging and Disability Resource Center CCCHS President 2023


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