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November 2022

Bob Ott Seed Grant Announcement & Annual Meeting is Wednesday! Dear CCCHS Members: 10 is a good basic number. It’s our first double digit. It’s the number we can usually count up to in a few foreign languages and it’s the important number when we’re counting a baby’s fingers and toes.

Ten is the magic number of applications we received this year for the Robert Ott Seed Grant. Usually we have 3 or maybe 4 applications submitted, but this was by far the highest number in quite a while. So what does this mean? Maybe it’s a good sign that agencies are utilizing their CCCHS member benefits – that’s the glass half full philosophy. But, it more likely indicates many of our members have great projects or needs to fund. Please join us for our annual meeting on Wednesday for our big announcement of this year’s Seed Grant Recipient(s) and hear an update on last year’s project. We will present our new 2023 board, provide updates and request your vote on next year’s budget.

Lunch will be provided by Calvary Church volunteers, so please plan to join us! Melissa Bottorf CCCHS President PA Link to ADRC


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