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December 2022

Changing of the Guard Dear CCCHS Members:

As our December board meeting rolls around next week, it will feel a little bit like the changing of the guard for CCCHS. We will say goodbye to a few board members who have served their full term limits and have been integral to council - including Past President Heather Moran; Seed Grant & Helping Hands Chair Natalie Depto-Vesey; and Secretary/Proof Reader Renae Schunk. Every board I’ve worked with operates a little bit like a family and CCCHS is no different. We have a few people that are the “glue.” They are the ones who are steadfast and seem to never miss a beat. For us, that person is Sarah Travis, but she will be leaving us to take a new position in the private sector. Although we’re appreciative of their contributions to CCCHS, we are relieved to have new additions to our board family who have eagerly signed up to learn and help in their absences. It’s an exciting start to another year of CCCHS! If you see Sarah, Heather, Natalie or Renae at our meeting next week, please take a moment to thank them. They have truly helped keep Council moving the last few years! Melissa Bottorf CCCHS President PA Link to ADRC


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