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August 2022

Dear CCCHS Members,

Just like our meetings in July and August, I hope you have had some time to step away and enjoy the fleeting moments of summer.

We are looking forward to our first meeting back on September 7th in person at Calvary Church. As usual, we will host our traditional Membership Meeting with speakers and networking beginning at noon.

September always has a special feel. The lazy days of summer are behind us and schedules have a little more structure. It’s also a time for us to re-energize ourselves and our own personal and professional goals to finish out a strong calendar year. With this in mind, we have tried to tailor our fall trainings accordingly.

As a way to help our members effortlessly slide through September and beyond, we will offer a FREE 1 ½ hour Self-Care Training prior to our September Monthly Membership Meeting. Denise McCann from CenClear will provide a presentation on How to Manage Vicarious Trauma and Execute Self-Care as Professionals in the Human Service Fields. This training will begin at 10:00 AM and boxed lunches will be provided to registered attendees so you can stay at Calvary Church for our Membership Meeting at noon.

We will partner with ACAP of Centre County (Adult Children of Aging Parents) for our September 30th training where we will focus on building our own toolkits and learning how to turn negatives into positives – both at work and home. We are especially excited to welcome back fan-favorite Chuck Mazzitti as our speaker for this session.

We hope you and your agency’s colleagues can attend both of our trainings! Registration is now open on our website.

See you in September!

Melissa Bottorf

CCCHS President

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