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Park Forest Preschool & Parents Collaborate

Parent’s are the most important part of the equation to a child’s school


JoAnn Vautour Co Chair of PFP Board of Directors, Park Forest Preschool


PHONE: 814-880-9322

For 53 years, Park Forest Preschool has offered a tuition free preschool for two, three,

and four year olds for income eligible families of Centre County. Support for the

program comes from donations made by local faith groups, a variety of community

agencies as well as individual community members. In 2006, the preschool proudly

became a United Way agency.


Our staff has been able to continue to offer high quality educational opportunities while

dealing with the challenges of COVID-19. Minus the crazy snow days, Park Forest

Preschool has been open most weeks throughout this academic year.  During the weeks

we were not able to hold in-person classes our teachers offered virtual instruction to

parents and students.   


At Park Forest Preschool we know that Parents are the most important part of the

equation to a child’s success in school.   We strive to support parents in the hard work of

being a patient and loving parent.  Our weekly parenting group has continued to meet,

alternating weeks in person with meeting on zoom.  Through our collaboration with

Youth Service Bureau’s Parenting Plus, an educator facilitates our parenting groups. 

Parents discuss topics such as: challenging child behaviors; parenting and life skills; self-

care and problem solving strategies. These meetings provide the opportunity for

parents to offer valuable peer support to one another.   


This past December we were very fortunate to have Dr. Peter Montminy, an

outstanding Centre County child psychologist, offer a virtual three part series webinar

titled:  “Survival Tips for Parents” and  “Mindful Solutions to Young Children’s

Emotions and Challenging Behaviors”. This program was made possible through a

2019-2020 Centre Foundation Field of Interest grant. Dr. Montminy first guided the

parents in strategies to improve one’s own self-awareness and self-regulation, which

enables a parent to then respond more warmly, clearly, calmly and firmly. This focus on

the parent’s style of reaction promotes a wonderful foundation that enables the adult

to model healthy self-regulation for their young children. Children learn from and

imitate the adults in their lives.


Next fall, Park Forest Preschool is excited to offer a “Family Budgeting 101 Workshop”

at no cost to all interested parents as a result of a 2020-2021 Field-of-Interest Grant,

awarded by the Centre Foundation.

Park Forest Preschool staff respect the families we serve and strive to work with our

parents collaboratively for the benefit and success of their children.

Please contact our Director, Sue Hills to find out more about our program and

classroom openings: / 814-231-8492


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