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October Newsletter

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Greetings CCCHS Members,

I don’t know how you feel, but lately it seems like just about everything is a fight – or at least a little extra work and more complicated for the bare minimum. It’s not just at work or at home, but it’s everywhere. I constantly need to advocate for myself, my family, and those impacted by my programs. It’s a struggle every step of the way. Some days (or in reality most days) I’m physically and emotionally spent. Is anyone else with me? Serendipitously, the majority of our CCCHS programming for the month of October is really focused on advocacy and how we can better use our voices and take care of ourselves. I’m excited about our line-up because, let’s be honest, I need it. If you are struggling a little bit like me, I hope you can also take advantage of these free membership benefits. Next week at our Wednesday Membership Meeting, Lunch with Legislators, our members have the opportunity to advocate in one of the most common and purest ways. Our local elected officials will be at Calvary Church to listen to US and our concerns. It’s empowering and I hope you will make every effort to attend, ask questions, and listen to what our panelists have to say about issues close to home. On Friday afternoon (October 8), we are hosting our annual Self-Care Workshop virtually with Annie Mascelli. Attendees will learn how to create a more relaxed and calm day-to-day life and get strategies to make lasting change. It’s not too late to register and we encourage you to share this workshop with your colleagues and friends. Our toolkits can all use a little refresher and Annie’s approach to the afternoon will be the perfect way to end the work week. Finally, on October 29 we will be collaborating with ACAP for our virtual fall conference on Advocacy: How to Use Your Voice. Although we’ve been planning this conference for almost a year, the timing couldn’t be any better. The free training will focus on what exactly advocacy is and how we can advocate more effectively for ourselves, our loved ones, and our consumers. I hope you are equally as excited as I am for our member benefits this month. As always, if you have other training ideas or opportunities, please feel free to reach out to our board members anytime. With Warmest Regards, Melissa Bottorf CCCHS President PA Link to ADRC

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