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Nurse-Family Partnership: Helping First-Time Mothers and their Babies Thrive in Centre County

AUTHOR: Alise Christie, RN


PHONE: 814-381-1339

AGENCY: Nurse-Family Partnership/ UPMC Home Healthcare


Perhaps there is no better way to describe the benefits of Nurse-Family Partnership than through the words of the mothers they have served recently in Centre County.

[My nurse] was amazing. We would've loved to have her for much more than 2 years. She was very helpful and always put our worries to rest.”

“[My nurse] was with our family for about 2.5 years. She helped me in so many ways that I'm sure she didn't even realize that she was even doing so. She is so kind and compassionate. She had answers for every concern or worry I had. She got me through the worst stages of pregnancy, she helped us get through all the complications that arose with our son within the first couple of months. She really was a super-hero. She truly is the best and I am going to be forever thankful that we were blessed with her as our nurse.”

“[My nurse] has been an amazing support and encouragement to us. We are so blessed to have her by our side on this journey.”

Nurse-Family Partnership is an evidence-based model that serves lower-income, first-time mothers starting before the 29th week of pregnancy and ending when the child is 2 years of age. Backed by 40 years of research, Nurse-Family Partnership provides education, assessment, support, and resources to help first-time parents and their children succeed. Regular home visits in pregnancy, infancy, and toddlerhood help build a foundation for families and children to continue to thrive far beyond the length of the program. Randomized, controlled studies have shown reductions in preterm births, child abuse and neglect, accidental injuries, and intellectual and behavioral problems in children whose mothers participated in the program. Studies have also shown fewer language delays, fewer subsequent unintended pregnancies, and a decrease in involvement with the criminal justice system for both mothers and children at age 15.

NFP nurses are specially trained and passionate about the work they do. Through building a trusting relationship with clients, they hope to achieve the goals of improved pregnancy outcomes, child health and development, and parents’ economic self-sufficiency. Home visiting nurses expertly tailor their visits to the specific needs and desires of the families they serve. Areas of focus may include healthy pregnancy and delivery, infant feeding, safety, healthy growth development, sleep, building confidence while navigating the emotional challenges of parenting, and linking with community resources. Every visit is client-focused, client- centered, designed to build self-efficacy and hope.

In Centre County, UPMC Home Healthcare, provides the Nurse – Family Partnership program. More information is available by calling 814-942-1903 or visiting


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