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Mid-State Literacy Council Launches Adults to Success

AUTHOR: Mary Dupuis, Mid-State Literacy Council Board of Directors

 PHONE: 814-238-1809

AGENCY: Mid-State Literacy Council, Inc.


 The Mid-State Literacy Council is working hard to serve everyone in Centre and Clearfield Counties. We provide instruction to everyone who is trying to better themselves and their families. Our primary work is teaching reading and other skills to those who missed out when they were in school. In my time working with the council, I have seen our numbers grow tremendously; this year our enrollment will reach 350 and represents 46 different countries of origin. We started by serving people who needed to learn to read better. After 52 years, we now teach those folks, but also immigrants who have come here to better their lives and those of their children. We launch people into careers and jobs.


This summer we will be searching for a new Executive Director, since Amy Wilson, our current ED has announced her retirement for later this summer. We are sad to see her go, but we know she has done wonderful work for us: more than doubling our enrollment and increasing health literacy, digital literacy, and work readiness programs. Her enthusiasm and determination are goals for us all.  


To help launch students into their futures, we give them options. What skills are they hoping to increase?  Reading, math, writing? What sorts of jobs are they looking to find?  Retail?  Industrial?  Public service? We have found that students often return after their first time with us to expand their skills and goals. We help them not only survive but thrive. 


When we began, we taught reading at varying levels. We have since discovered that we need to teach varying types of reading. We now serve people who want to develop the skills to take tests online, such as getting their Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDLs). Recently we learned that many grandparents were tasked with helping their grandchildren do schoolwork online, but the grandparents didn’t know how to use the technology. We worked to develop classes to meet these needs. About 200 volunteers contribute as tutors, instructors, and leaders. What a benefit to us that so many local people are willing to give of their time and talent every year. It is a blessing for our many students.


We receive no government funding to do all this. To raise funds, September 25th our Spelling Bee will celebrate its 25th Anniversary. We will take part in Centre Gives in May and an endowment at Centre Foundation, named for Amy Wilson, will support our literacy program.


We look forward to hearing from people who would like to take part in our activities, including tutoring students and teaching classes.  Anyone who would like to help is welcome! Contact Mid-State Literacy Council at 814-238-1809 or



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