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Mid-State Literacy Council Expands Computer Literacy Services

Amy T. Wilson | Mid-State Literacy Council | Executive Director

To meet community needs, Mid-State Literacy Council expands computer literacy instruction.

Literacy is essential for employment, healthcare, and the well-being of our children. A young woman wanted to obtain her first job and she came to the literacy council for help. She needed to read better to be successful at work and she wanted to understand the communications from her children’s school. Following assessment and the development of her individualized program, she began working with several trained, volunteer tutors. She felt nervous and cried her first day, not sure if she could learn and succeed. She worked hard, practiced, and made progress. She obtained part-time employment which helped her family move to their own apartment. Her children are enthusiastic about school and now she is communicating with their teachers. Literacy is a legacy.

This summer adults worked with tutors and they participated in small zoom classes to improve reading, math, English, writing and computer skills. Laptops were donated to the literacy council for adults who needed equipment to participate in tutoring. Because of the pandemic, there is an increasing reliance upon technology to learn, connect, and access healthcare via telehealth. The skills to use technology and the ability to read well are essential to navigate the complex systems within society. Employment opportunities and entry level positions frequently require basic computer skills. To support families’ needs in our community, Mid-State Literacy Council’s expansion of computer and digital literacy continues to be a high priority.

The 2020 results from PIAAC research reported 23% of Centre County and 34% of Clearfield County adults are at the lowest skill level for numeracy. PIAAC defines numeracy as the ability to use, apply, interpret, and communicate mathematical information and ideas. Mid-State Literacy Council is providing relevant programs to help adults increase their math skills because numeracy is essential for daily life and employment. Trained math tutors are available to assist adults via zoom. With additional math skills, adults have new career opportunities and may qualify to enter training programs.

Mid-State Literacy Council trains community members who volunteer to teach life-saving literacy skills. Penn State’s Biobehavioral Health undergraduates will also be providing health literacy instruction to literacy council students via zoom this fall. The training team is prepared to train new volunteers August 31 - September 4 to be held via zoom. MSLC acknowledges with appreciation how community members are increasing their support both in financial gifts and by volunteering to teach. Because of strong community partnerships, Mid-State Literacy Council continues to provide the opportunity of education to community members who need literacy. Additional information is at To refer an adult for tutoring or to help, please contact staff at 814-238-1809 or


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