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May Newsletter 2020

Greetings CCCHS,  

Again, I want to take the opportunity to say another THANK YOU to all of you who are doing such amazing work in our community!

Resource sharing and networking is so important during this time and we want to make sure that members have the opportunity to access important resources/information. So, we have created a private facebook group for CCCHS members to seek and share resources, network with one another, ask questions, etc. If you haven't done so already, like us on Facebook and join the CCCHS Members - COVID-19 Info Sharing Group. Please feel free to use this as a platform to engage in helpful discussions with one another and share helpful tips and information!

We were so excited to see many of you on last month's membership meeting via Zoom. We will again be holding May's membership meeting via Zoom. Presentations will be provided by Marisa Vicere, Jana Marie Foundation and Ginger Cain, Housing Transitions.The next membership meeting will take place on Wednesday, May 6th at 12pm.

Although the 2020 Rose Cologne Volunteer Dinner had to be canceled, the CDT graciously offered to recognize CCCHS member agency volunteers. Make sure you pick up the May 3rd edition of the CDT to see all of the volunteers doing incredible work across member agencies!

If your organization is experiencing hardships at this time preventing you from paying your membership dues for 2020, please reach out to me, at or 814-414-8028, to discuss options available to continue your status as a member.

Wishing you all health and wellness!

Read the full newsletter here.

Heather MOran

Heather Moran

CCCHS President

Peerstar, LLC

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