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Candace Rutherford | Centre Helps

Most people are familiar with the idea that getting started is the hardest part. This applies to things like going to the gym, starting a homework assignment, doing taxes, or cleaning out the garage. Knowing where to begin is often so overwhelming that individuals simply never start. This fact also applies to seeking help—whether that be financial assistance, connection to food resources, questions regarding medical or legal matters, or simply finding someone to talk with. Individuals often acknowledge the value of professional assistance, but have no idea how to begin.

Navigating helping resources is so complex that it can hinder people from getting the assistance they need. With so many numbers to call, companies to contact, and forms to fill out, not surprisingly, seeking help often remains an unchecked box on the to-do list of individuals who could benefit from some type of change. With the speed of a Google search comes vastness. How can anyone look at a list of 6 million search results and determine the best choice for them without breaking into a sweat?

At Centre Helps, our goal is to not only encourage people to seek help, but to make the process more pleasant than a root canal. We understand how difficult is to ask for help—so we like to make the process comfortable and efficient. We have a detailed database of over 700 resources that make navigating the system much more manageable. We also work closely with many of the helping agencies in town including the local food pantries, shelters, and other charitable organizations. We are intimately familiar with their procedures and resources. Our trained counselors recognize the courage and strength it takes to seek help. Therefore, we strive to assist all of our clients in reaching the best solution no matter the effort or amount of time it may take.

If you have an unchecked box on your to-do list that would improve your life, let one of our dedicated hotline volunteers help you check it off. We can help you determine the next steps of seeking help, give you the resources to navigate the logistics, and will even call with you to make an appointment if you need a little moral support.

Finding help can be overwhelming and unclear—let us shine the light for you as you embark on your journey of positive change! Give us a call today at (814) 237-5855.

If you would like to assist others on their road to a happier, safer, and more-secure life, please apply for our 24/7 hotline at We are accepting applications for our Fall 2020 Hotline Training Program now until Monday, September 14th.

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