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Helping People. Changing Lives.

AUTHOR: Deanna Graham

PHONE: 814-765-1551 x1107

AGENCY: Central Pennsylvania Community Action, Inc.


Central Pennsylvania Community Action, Inc. (CPCA) is happy to share their 2022 Annual Report highlighting the communities we serve in both Centre and Clearfield counties.

CPCA’s Mission is “Strengthening communities in Centre and Clearfield counties by helping families and individuals to become self-sufficient.”

CPCA fulfills our mission by providing a number of different programs and services in Affordable Housing, Food & Nutrition, Housing & Utility Assistance, Medical Assistance Transportation, and Weatherization.

In 2022, CPCA served a total of 9,146 individuals and 4,241 households with a total of 18,677 services provided.

For more information about our agency, visit our website or contact our office at 814-765-1551 or 1-800-822-2610.


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