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Farmers’ Market Voucher Program 2023

AUTHOR: Sandy Schuckers


PHONE: 814.355.6716

AGENCY: Centre County Office of Aging


It is once again time for the annual program Farmers’ Market Voucher Nutrition Program.

This year, there are still several ways for those eligible to receive the once-a-year Farmers’ Market Vouchers. Applications are available by mail as well as in person distribution at Centre County Senior apartment buildings. The program distribution both by mail and in person are to allow everyone the ability to access the program at their comfort level in terms of the number of people in a space and ease of access.

As in past years, participants must be 60 years of age or better by December 31, meet the income guidelines, and be a resident of Centre County. Income is self-declared; no documentation is needed, but requires a signature on the Federal form verifying gross income guidelines are met.

The 2023 income guidelines:

One Person, $26,973; Two People, $36,482. New for 2023, each eligible person receives five $10 checks for a total of $50. The checks are for purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables that must be grown in Pennsylvania. Checks must be spent at a participating vendor at a Farmers' Market; they can’t be spent in a grocery store. Once the checks are received in Centre County (or the county the individual resides in), the vouchers can be spent at any Farmers’ Market that accepts them!

To find a farmer’s market or farm stand with eligible farmers please download the FMNP app. The PA FMNP app is available in the Google Play store and the Apple Store for free. Search for PA FMNP Farmers’

Market locator and down load the app. Or go to to search the online farmers market and farm stand database.

To receive the application to begin the process to receive the vouchers by mail, please do one of the following:

1. Call the Office of Aging at 814-355-6716 to provide your name and mailing address if you want to participate by mail.

2. Call the Office of Aging for an up-to-date list of local locations as well as times for in person distribution.

3. Email the Office of Aging at your name and mailing address listing FMV or vouchers in your email.

4. Visit and find the link on the left to the 2023 FMV program. There you will find the application, income information and a list of fruit and vegetable availability in Pennsylvania.

Once the application has been completed, mail it to:

FMV c/o Centre County Office of Aging

420 Holmes St., Room 245

Bellefonte, PA 16823

Forms can also be faxed to 814.355.6757. The vouchers will be mailed back to the participant after the application has been reviewed.

This is a first come, first serve program. Each person will receive the vouchers one time per year. The first day to spend the vouchers is June 1 and all vouchers must be spent by November 30, 2023.

Those who have received the vouchers in the past have shared how much they enjoy and appreciate being able to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. “I can’t wait for some homemade fried green tomatoes” or “I look forward to being able to choose what I want to buy each summer.”

For more information or with questions, please call 814.355.6716 or email

Sandy Schuckers

Administrative Officer


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