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Educating and Empowering Our Community

AUTHOR: Jennifer Pencek, Executive Director, Centre Safe

PHONE: 814-238-7066

AGENCY: Centre SafeHelping Hands: Centre Safe


Thank you for all your support of Centre Safe through the years! As I get close to entering my second month at Centre Safe as its new executive director, I hope to work with supporters like you in continuing Centre Safe’s strong mission to empower victims/survivors and end violence. Let’s work together as we shape Centre Safe into a jewel of Centre County. I have always been amazed at the work of Centre Safe and its impact in our community, long before I ever contemplated working for this incredible organization. It’s hearing the stories of victims/survivors and others directly empowered by the work of Centre Safe that keeps so many motivated to make a difference in our community. The real story of Centre Safe’s impact is far larger than what any statistic can share. It’s the stories from our clients that really tell the story of the impact that supportive community members make in the lives of people in Centre County who have been victims of domestic or sexual violence.

Their stories are important to tell and to hear. We know you want to understand how your gifts help, and share with you the struggles – and the resilience – of those who have the courage to reach out to Centre Safe for help.

“I came to Centre Safe in a state of confusion,” one Centre Safe client said. “The people who met with me showed their compassionate hearts and their empathetic faces with each word. Then, and since, they have all continued to support, guide, listen, and encourage me to get on the road to my own independence.”

You play a vital role in the work of Centre Safe. By giving your time, talents, and/or monetary assistance you are a messenger, sharing the importance in relating to one another as human beings and looking out for one another. If you would like to learn more about any aspect of our work, please contact me at or 814-238-7066. I’m happy to tell you more about the work of Centre Safe because you truly are our partners in that work.


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