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Centre Foundation's Giving Circle

AUTHOR: Allison Wolfhorst, Communications and Events Coordinator

PHONE: 814-237-6229

AGENCY: Centre Foundation


Centre Foundation’s Giving Circle is made up of local philanthropists who pool their resources and decide which projects they would like to support in the community each year. Giving Circle members first read proposals submitted by nonprofits, vote on their favorites, and ultimately award grants to bring those projects to life. This year, Giving Circle members made an impact by awarding $23,000 to three local nonprofits: Centre Volunteers in Medicine, Out of the Cold: Centre County, and the State College Food Bank. Each of these nonprofit’s projects focus on health and human services and will make a significant impact on Centre County’s community members. Out of the Cold is a low-barrier shelter that provides guests with hot meals, warm blankets, a place to sleep, and basic needs case management. They are in the process of renovating their current daytime shelter and converting it into a permanent 24/7 shelter for more people to have access to basic needs. Giving Circle members awarded Out of the Cold $13,000 to help fund these necessary renovations.

While the basic need for shelter was on the mind of many members this year, another popular need that was addressed was hunger. State College Food Bank offers programs that enhance food security, with the goal of eliminating hunger. Since 2021, they have offered No Cost Produce Markets for Centre County residents to have access to free, local produce. Our Giving Circle members were inspired by the idea of helping feed the community, so they granted $6,000 to continue these markets in 2023.


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