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Centre County Council of Human Resources

Heather Moran | Board Chair | Centre County Council of Human Resources

Greetings and Happy New Year! Throughout 2019, member agencies of the Centre County Council for Human Services (CCCHS) have shared over 50 Helping Hands articles about the programs and services that are offered in our community. We hope this column has provided valuable information that has inspired you to access services, volunteer for an organization, or share information with someone in need.

The CCCHS was founded in 1968 when funding for human services was becoming scarce. At that time, human service leaders pulled together to ensure the basic needs of residents in Centre County would continue to be met. Now, the CCCHS is comprised of over 100 member agencies and individuals, working together to meet the needs of Centre County residents.

Membership in the Centre County Council for Human Services provides many benefits, including:

  • highly discounted education and training programs

  • opportunity to apply for the annual Robert Ott Seed Grant

  • a monthly newsletter

  • highlighting announcements

  • news, and events from member agencies

  • a listing in the CCCHS member directory

  • opportunity to honor a volunteer at the annual Rose Cologne Volunteer Dinner

  • the annual “Lunch with the Legislators”, which provides an opportunity to speak with local representatives about the issues facing Centre County

  • monthly membership meetings, offering networking and collaboration with other human service professionals in the region

  • opportunity to be a featured presenter at monthly membership meetings

Human service organizations, businesses, and community-minded individuals are invited to join the CCCHS for 2020. Membership meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at noon at Calvary Church in Boalsburg. The next meeting is scheduled for February 5, 2020. More information and the membership application are available online at By collaborating and caring, we can make a difference for the residents of Centre County.


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