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Building Career Pathways Economic Mobility

CONTACT: Amy Wilson


PHONE: 814-238-1809

AGENCY: Mid-State Literacy Council, Inc.

ARTICLE: Mid-State Literacy Council Receives Support for Literacy for Life: Building Career Pathways to Economic Mobility

Adult Literacy is essential for employment, healthcare, and the well-being of our children. Building career pathways to economic mobility is a shared mission of both Mid-State Literacy Council and the Truist Foundation. Truist Foundation has granted $10,000 to support the literacy council’s new initiative, Literacy for Life: Building Career Pathways to Economic Mobility. The initiative will provide literacy instruction and skills, career development information, and instruction to pass entrance tests for training and employment. Goals include serving 22 women, helping them to develop economic mobility and increase their future opportunities.

Pam Long, President of Mid-State Literacy Council Board of Directors said, “The funding of this new program is not only critical to those women who directly benefit and their families, but the positive impact extends into our neighborhoods and workplaces and strengthens our entire community. We are so grateful for Truist Foundation’s support.”

Additionally, the initiative will include technology training to support access to employment. The Brookings Institution reported, “The U.S. economy is digitizing at an extremely rapid pace. American workplaces are increasing their use of technologies, and computer skills are needed across industries and employment positions.”

"Online proficiency has become more and more important to finding work in today's job market, but some aspects of the digital job search are a substantial challenge for many Americans," Aaron Smith, an associate director of research at Pew Research Center, said in a statement.

The ability to read, write, and use technology is essential to succeed in training and employment. Literacy for Life: Building Career Pathways to Economic Mobility provides the opportunity to enter and advance in employment, builds the local workforce, and creates economic mobility.

“Truist’s purpose is to inspire and build better lives and communities, which is why we’re proud to support the Mid-State Literacy Council’s Building Career Pathways to Economic Mobility program,” said Truist Central Pennsylvania Regional President Alex Brame. “This program not only provides increased opportunities and a path to financial stability for individuals, but it also creates a pipeline of skilled workers for area businesses to thrive.”

To learn more about the initiative, contact Amanda Giedroc, Program Coordinator, at 814-238-1809 or Participants will receive customized plans and instruction to meet their educational needs while they explore and expand their career opportunities.

You make a difference. More than 200 volunteers, people educating people, support adult literacy at Mid-State Literacy Council. They continue to provide the opportunity of education to community members who need and want literacy. Reading, Math, English, GED and Test Preparation, and Digital Literacy instruction help adults achieve employment, health, and family goals. Additional information is at To refer an adult for tutoring or to help, please contact our team at 814-238-1809 or


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