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Bridge of Hope meets needs – and we need you!

In the image here, you can see the familiar pyramid-shaped breakdown of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. From the base to the tip, the pyramid shows what our greatest needs are – what we need to survive - and is capped by self-actualization – what we need to thrive. Through the Bridge of Hope program, we help families meet their basic needs of survival so that they can get to a place where they are able to seek personal growth and thrive. Here are the 5 levels of need, along with how Bridge of Hope seeks to address them for the families that we serve:

1. Physiological: these are the biological requirements for human survival, things like food, water, shelter, etc. Bridge of Hope either preserves housing that is at-risk, or finds new housing for families, providing rental assistance on a decreasing basis. We also make sure families are connected to benefits and services, such as SNAP and their local food bank.

2. Safety: these are things that bring order, control and predictability into someone’s life, such as employment, financial security, health and well-being. Through case management, we help single mothers work towards job and financial security, point them to resources that will add to their stability, and promote the health and well-being of all family members.

3. Belongingness: this represents our human need for connection, relationships and being part of a group. Here is where we need your help most! We match every family with a group of Neighboring Volunteers - a group of 6-10 people from a local Christian community. Families that experience a housing crisis usually also have a crisis of safe, healthy relationships. Neighboring Volunteers provide encouragement, support, connection to resources and ideas that help a family along their journey to stability. Volunteers are committed to building their relationship with one family for the duration of their time in our program.

4. Esteem: this level includes self-worth, accomplishment, respect and dignity. Bridge of Hope is a strengths-based program that is participant-led. We help each mother set her own goals and priorities, and we walk with her as she takes steps to achieve them.

5. Self-Actualization: the tip of the pyramid is reserved for reaching a person’s potential, self-fulfillment and growth. And guess what? This level is very hard to give attention to if previous base levels are out of balance or are missing entirely.

We want families that are not only surviving and meeting their basic human needs. We want to see families reach fulfillment, growth, and be able thrive in our community. We need more volunteers right now so we can serve more families! Can you help? Contact us at 814-237-4673 or to learn more!


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