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Breaking the vicious cycle of incarceration

AUTHOR: Mark Frailey


PHONE: 814-644-1287

AGENCY: Go ReEntry Specialists, Inc


Go ReEntry formally began it’s work in June 2020 with the mission of helping those leaving

Incarceration reenter society and to be successful.

For at least the last 15 years I have had a passion for helping returning citizens. Supporting them and alleviating many of the obstacles they face when returning home makes our communities stronger and safer.

Many leave incarceration without hope or a clear path forward. Statistics show 65% will return to incarceration within 3 years. Having a support network is key to breaking this cycle of recidivism. Go ReEntry offers hope. We are “experts by experience” because we have walked through the reentry process ourselves.

The fact is that most people being released from incarceration don’t have a driver’s license, have depleted any financial resources they had and have emotionally strained family relationships. The “network” they once had is no longer a safe or healthy option, if staying sober and out of jail is their desire. That’s where Go ReEntry becomes a powerful asset.

Go ReEntry offers current inmates a 7.5 hour ReEntry Strategies class. Presently done via zoom, the class is designed to prepare for challenges they may face when leaving incarceration.

Sobriety is paramount. If a person had an issue with addiction before incarceration, they will need support and accountability to stay sober after being released. Go ReEntry routinely requires drug testing and has knowledge in addiction rehabilitation.

Having a housing plan is a requirement for most before being released. Go ReEntry helps with finding suitable housing.

Employment is a challenge for those who with criminal records, on parole and/or having no driver’s license. Go ReEntry helps find employers who will employ and support the success of formerly incarcerated citizens. Many of these employers have commented that returning citizens are some of their best employees.

Having a support network and accountability is key to being successful after incarceration. Unfortunately, reconnecting with some family and friends can no longer be an option. Offering a 24/7 support network, meetings, rides to appointments and work are just a few ways Go ReEntry lays a foundation for success.

To date, Go ReEntry has had over 200 individuals seek and receive assistance. Since January, we have had 30 new referrals or requests for help.

Go ReEntry is a faith based non profit, 501 (c)(3), that fully relies on grants and financial support of the community. To learn more, or to make a donation, visit or visit our Facebook.


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