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Book Fair Highlights Love of Reading and Supports Children’s Book Drive

AUTHOR: Amy Wilson


PHONE: 814-238-1809

AGENCY: Mid-State Literacy Council, Inc.

"I read to my children from infancy until they were in late elementary school, but then I stumbled across Honey For A Child's Heart by Gladys M. Hunt. Along with many excellent recommendations for books for children of all ages, one of the points she made was to continue reading to children, even when they are independent readers. So, I started reading aloud again, and many wonderful memories were made over the years: reading The Book Thief as a family and then going to a school auditorium to zoom live with the author as part of the Centre County Reads event; passing Little Women to my daughter to read aloud as I couldn't speak through my tears; turning the illustrated pages of Hugo to see what Hugo was holding in his hand only to find our Harry Potter bookmark nestled on the page (we laughed so hard!) to name but a few. My children are in their 20's now and they fondly remember our experiences of reading together.

Mid-State Literacy Council's book fair with Barnes and Noble is an amazing partnership that helps raise awareness for literacy, puts books in the hands of people we serve, and allows us to purchase much-needed resources. This year, as you explore the bookstore for gifts for yourself, others, and, by extension, Mid-State Literacy, perhaps you will find inspiration for reading aloud to others.” Wanda Mertick, MSLC Board Member, Chair of MSLC/B&N Book Fair Committee

Friday, November 18th

7pm - Jeffry Wert author of The Heart of Hell: The Soldiers’ Struggle for Spotsylvania’s Bloody Angle

Saturday, November 19th

10am - Elaine Berrena, Mindfulness: Practicing Gratitude and Improving Well-Being (age 10 and up)

11am - National Children’s Story Time with Wanda Mertick and Ashley Kraige

11am - The State College Poetry Workshop Readings

11:15am - Colleen Connolly-Ahern author of Make Book Club Lit Again: Recipes and Ideas to Bring Classics to Life

12:00pm - Children’s Drum Circle with Jenn Bittner

12:30pm - Cupcakes for all and Thankfulness Celebration, Ruth C. Kistler Service Award

1pm - J. L. Delozier author of The Photo Thief

2pm Panel - How We Write: Connecting Internally and Externally, Privately and Publicly Authors: J. L. Delozier, Yaw Agawu-Kakraba, Elizabeth Parfitt, Stan Hunter Kranc, Lori Duffy Foster

3pm - Yaw Agawu-Kakraba author of The Restless Crucible

4pm - Musical Performance by State College Suzuki Program

5pm - Trisha Ann McKee author of books The Last Time We Met, Winter’s Promise, Christmas Bump

6pm - Annika Sharma author of Love, Chai & Other Four-Letter Words

Sunday, November 20th

1pm - Marsha Ann Tate & Earl Houser author of Images of America Bellefonte

2pm - Charles Springer poet, and author of Nowhere Now Here


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