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AAUW State College May 13-16 Used Book Sale Ready to Go

AUTHOR: Donna Trapp, AAUW State College Used Book Sale Co-Chair

PHONE: (814) 360-4810

AGENCY: AAUW State College

AAUW State College May 13-16 Used Book Sale Ready to Go

A family member or friend gifted you the newest mystery book, by your favorite author, for your birthday. You loved it and was surprised about the twist at the end. Now that you know who did it…what do you do with the book? Like lots of people, you may donate that book to the AAUW Used Book Workshop and then wait for their next sale to buy more books to add to your collection.

Most folks don’t think about the impact of donating their books to AAUW, but it is huge for our community. AAUW State College’s book donation and sale keeps tens of thousands of pounds of paper out of our landfills and any book that is not usable is properly recycled.

Our Used Book Sale is a huge endeavor that starts with generous community members donating books between June and March. At the workshop, volunteers sort the books into 30+ categories (along with hundreds of puzzles, games and countless CDs/DVDs, audio books, and sheet music). In total, we will have more than 200,000 books for sale (transported in 4,200 boxes), making this one of the largest used book sales in the country.

During the week of the sale, over 150 volunteers will bring the processed books to the Penn State Snider Ag Arena for the sale. This will be our 61st sale and it runs May 13-16, 9 am – 8 am Saturday through Monday (1/2 Price Day), and 9 am – 7 pm on Tuesday (Bag Day - $8/bag), May 16.

We are so very appreciative of all the support we receive from book donors and sale volunteers. Thank you!

The money that is raised during the 4-day sale is used to advance the mission of AAUW – to promote equity for women and girls in our community. We award scholarships to women going back to school to complete their degree and fund grants to local non-profit programs that support our mission. The money raised here stays here.

Please help support this great cause by coming to the sale; and learn more about us at See you May 13-16 at the sale, and bring your own bags!

Donna Trapp, AAUW State College Used Book Sale Co-Chair


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