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3 Ways to Find Your Wonder


Amy Caputo | Schlow Centre Region Library

Wonder feels like the watchword of 2020. Although it didn’t top Merriam-Webster’s word of the year list (not surprisingly, that honor went to “pandemic”), it is certainly something many of us have been doing all year long.

We’ve wondered when things will get back to “normal” or what a new normal looks like, or what that word even means. We’ve wondered when the COVID-19 virus will be a distant memory. We wonder about daily events in the news and struggles experienced by our neighbors, our families, our communities, ourselves. The wonder struggle is real.

What about that other kind of wonder? The kind that brings joy, comfort, excitement, discovery, delight, and the spark of pure imagination. Couldn’t we all use some of that right about now?

At Schlow Centre Region Library, sharing that kind of wonder is our daily passion and purpose. We’ve heard from patrons, parents, readers, and wonderers alike that while it’s been difficult to focus these past months, books and stories continue to provide a much-needed distraction, escape, and, yes, even relaxation.

Here are three ways we hope will make it easier for you to find your own sense of wonder. All are available to library card holders as well as the wider Centre Region community.

Winter Reads for All--Besides offering adventure and joy for the journey, books bring comfort and a sense of place. And right now, being wrapped up in a good read makes the blustery days of winter seem so much more comfortable. With that in mind, Schlow Library staff created Winter Reading Lists ( for adults, teenagers, and children to help you make the most of the chilly season. Titles include both fiction and non-fiction options. Each list also lets you request the title directly from the Schlow Library catalog.

Ways to Browse Now--If you’re used to browsing our shelves in person, we know it can be a struggle to find new books to check out now while that’s not an option. Check out “Find Your Next Great Read” on the Schlow website (, where we share ways to make your book search easier. You’ll find quick tips on using the online catalog, shortcuts to new collections on Schlow’s web carousel, links to request discovery packs for preschoolers, and more. Our librarians will even make book picks for you based on your past choices or current preferences. We call it “Schlow Suggests,” and it’s a quick-turn alternative to in-person browsing. Details on the site.

Frost Fest 2020--Schlow’s annual winter celebration gives book lovers and families ways to find wonder while temperatures dip. Back this year with a virtual twist, Frost Fest takes place all month long. The main event happens Dec. 12. Highlights include a Bingo Challenge, Frost Fest Flurry Virtual Board Game, Book Lovers Trivia, Cooking with Katie, Storytime, and more. Check the website ( for details and registration info.

Enjoy and share with Schlow Library’s wishes for a peaceful, warm-hearted season of reading wonder!


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