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CCCHS & ACAP Training

CCCHS and ACAP are excited to partner for this training opportunity. If you are a member of ACAP, please use the registration form below. 

Creating a Positive Environment while Practicing Self-Care
"The Caregiver's Challenge to Changing the View"

Time & Location:

September 30, 2022

9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

HYBRID - Calvary Church or Zoom

Harvest Fields Dr, Boalsburg, PA 16827

About the Event:
Format: Hybrid - In person at Calvary Church or by Zoom

Speaker: Chuck Mazzitti, Founder, Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP Services

Whether we are a professional in the human service field or a caregiver OR maybe even both - our own outlooks and beliefs play a huge impact in absolutely everything. What if you could learn some simple ways to begin changing your outlook to be less negative? How could a stress management plan help? How could this positively impact your role as a personal and/or professional caregiver? How is it even possible to do that? Join our dynamic and fan-favorite speaker Chuck Mazzitti for an informative half-day conference!


1. Reviewing the Past two+ years: How we got here.

2. Understanding the psychological impact of ambient emotions and

other traumatic behavioral responses.

3. Looking back at the impact of these emotions during previous

traumatic events.

4. Identifying your specific stress management needs.

5. Building a stress management care plan.

6. Changing your perspective from negative to positive.

7. Personal action steps to implement for change.

     Building Resiliency

     Having a sounding board

     Getting and/or being a mentor


Sept. 30 Registration 

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