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Rose Cologne Volunteer Recognition 2022

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As a member of the Centre County Council for Human Services, you are cordially invited to recognize a volunteer for the 50th Rose Cologne Volunteer Recognition.

Typically held as a dinner, it is named in honor of Dr. Rose Cologne, a mentor and role model for many in the human services field. It pays tribute to those volunteers who work to further the mission of CCCHS member agencies and the community at large.

Each member agency is invited to nominate one volunteer to be recognized. The volunteer will be recognized in the Centre Daily Times (Please note that your 2022 membership dues must be paid in full. Contact Jennifer Eisenhuth, if you are unsure of your organization’s status.)

To nominate a volunteer from your organization: The Deadline Has Passed

Send an email to by Monday, March 28 with the following:    


  • Completed two-page CDT form to have your volunteer featured in the CDT. The CDT has requested a quote from your volunteer about why they choose to work with your organization.

       We would like to personally present each volunteer with a certificate and token of appreciation           at the June 1 Membership Picnic at Calvary Church. On the second page of the CDT form, there         are a few questions to facilitate this. *In order to allow adequate opportunity for Calvary Church           to host, we are requiring RSVP’s. Up to 4 guests in addition to your volunteer.

  • A color photograph (head and shoulders shot) in JPEG format, for the CDT article. The photograph should be high resolution, 100 KB or larger. CDT tributes and photographs will be published on Sunday, April 17.

  • A one-page tribute for your volunteer. The tribute will be read, recorded, and posted to CCCHS social media. Your volunteer will also receive a copy of the tribute. Please email the tribute on your agency’s letterhead. If that is not possible, we can print it on CCCHS’s letterhead. Please limit your tribute to 200 words. Longer tributes will be condensed. (Please note: We are unable to accommodate video or musical tributes.)


Do you have questions about the process? Email Renae Schunk at




We celebrated our community’s extraordinary volunteers through social media,

in the CDT on April 17, 2022, and in-person June 1, 2022!

Rose Cologne Volunteer Recognition Committee

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